Keeping your business safe


Keep your business safe

Threats are always changing and it can be impossible for an SME without a dedicated IT department to keep up. By outsourcing to Safeserve you are making sure your email is being filtered by people with their ear to the ground.

Reduce your overheads

By outsourcing to Safeserve you can save money as you no longer need expensive anti-virus and anti-spam products on your mail server.

Save your server resources

Your server won’t waste valuable resources on virus and spam scanning, DNS lookups, archiving, etc. and since spam makes up over 95% of all email traffic, we save your bandwidth too.

Increase the deliverability of your outgoing mail

By using us for your outgoing email you can be confident that your mail is always sent correctly from a fully compliant and reputable source.

Tighten up your defences

Since all your incoming email will be coming only from our servers, you can close off all access to any other server.


  • Support for all major mail servers
  • Real-time outbound traffic monitoring to ensure your reputation is protected
  • Automatic incoming and outgoing virus and spam scanning of all messages
  • High performance SMTP relay/gateway with intelligent queueing and retries
  • Boundary encryption using SSL/TLS
  • All incoming and outgoing email is archived for up to 10 years
  • Disclaimers and signatures can be added to all email or a selection of email from your domain
  • Fully SPF (Sender Policy Framework) compliant
  • Fully detailed logs are archived of all mail transactions
  • Rule based email mirroring to another mailbox

Deliverability matters

Stopping incoming spam is one thing, but what about making sure that email you send does not get stopped? Unlike many providers, Safeserve assist with your outgoing mail as well.

We constantly monitor traffic from your site for suspicious patterns, and since all your legitimate outbound traffic should be using our servers, you can block traffic from your network that tries to send via any other route.

On top of this, using us allows you to take advantage of technical features designed to increase deliverability (such as SPF) that are not always possible when sending out directly. Combining these techniques means that even if one of your workstations gets infected with malware designed to send out spam, you don’t get blacklisted.