Business email

Business email

We care about your business

With a dedication to service excellence, our technical expertise and highly experienced team allow us to deliver services and support organisations with cost effective solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to look after the full range of your business email needs allowing you to focus on what is important – your business!

Anti-virus, anti-spam, and archiving are standard

Whichever mail service you choose, we ensure your security and freedom from viruses and malware. We save you time and hassle by checking all mail for spam and junk mail. And rest assured that even if you accidentally delete your own mail, Safeserve has it archived it for up to 10 years.

Exchange, webmail, POP or IMAP?

With Safeserve the choice is yours

Hosted Exchange or in-house server?

Whether you have your own in-house mail servers or prefer to use our Hosted Exchange service, rest assured that your time and bandwidth is optimised, and that you comply with all email legislation.

Our email expertise and our own mail servers even enable us to offer bespoke solutions to any organisation, large or small.


It’s your choice – and if you are not sure of the service you require, we are pleased to discuss what best suits your needs.


Safeserve’s world class webmail is efficient, fast and flexible. Use it in conjunction with any mail client, on any smartphone or PC.

Call Safeserve today

To learn more about how Safeserve’s Business Email Services can help you communicate with your customers with greater scurity and reliability, contact us today.


Both the email service and website hosting are efficient, reliable and easy to use.

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