About Us


Safeserve is an online business communications company delivering service excellence and industry leading technical expertise.

Established in 2001 we have delivered business solutions to clients in diverse sectors such as charity, e-commerce, property, consultancy, medical, plumbing, art and many more.

Based in London, we pride ourselves on continuing to offer a personal service tailored to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Our History

Safeserve started as a support company. We soon realised that we were spending more time battling with email providers, web hosting firms, telephony companies and so on than actually fixing clients’ problems – and all over incredibly simple things that could be fixed with the click of a mouse if we could ever get through to somebody who wasn’t just reading from a script.

Even when we managed to explain what needed doing, we would often have to call back, only to find that we were talking to a different person and had to explain everything all over again.

This exactly reflected the frustrations experienced by many businesses in varied industries.

It became obvious that there was a real need for a company that could provide professional, high-end hosting services, but more importantly was easily contactable so that support companies could spend their time on their clients, not battling with phone queues.

Our Ethos

At Safeserve we believe that the best way to help ourselves is to help you.

A happy client is able to concentrate on doing what they do best, growing their business. We understand that keeping you happy is the best way to keep you with us.

We won’t try and squeeze you in an effort to get short term gains – we believe in cultivating a relationship. If that means advising you to spend less on our services or not selling you a service that isn’t quite right for you, then that’s what we’ll do. Your long-term loyalty is worth far more.

We like to be on first name terms with our clients – when you call us you will be talking with a named person who you know, not a faceless teleworker. We talk to our clients like people. We find that the more we do this, the better we know you; the better we know you, the more we understand your needs; and the more we understand your needs, the more we can help you.

Once you are working with us the process doesn’t stop. We know that technology is moving too quickly for most people to keep up – after all your priority is running your business. We’re constantly on the lookout for potential ways to improve our offerings, and opportunities to maximise how technology can help you. If we find anything we think will help, then you’ll be the first to know.

Managing director

Working with small to medium sized organis­ations over the last decade has emphasised to me the need for an internet services provider that not only offers a pro­fess­ional service, but helps its clients at a personal level in all aspects of IT support.

It has been by listening to our clients’ needs that we are now able to provide a single point of contact for everything from domain registration through the complexities of email hosting and marketing to providing the latest VoIP telephony integration.

As a team, we like to get to know our clients and help them to get the most cost effective benefits from the latest technology.

Our experience and technical expertise means that we can fulfil your requirements, be they large or small. Call us to find out how we can meet your needs.

Managing Director