Splicecom PCS 582G

Splicecom PCS 582g IP phone with full colour touch-screen display and built-in web browser, providing easy access to SpliceCom's range of innovative and award-winning unified communications platforms
  • Access to centralised features, including:
    • Favourites (key & lamp)
    • Mobility control
    • Unified directories
    • Personal call history logs
    • Message retrieval & playback
    • Call recording
    • Personal settings
  • Large, full colour touch screen display
  • Handsfree, full-duplex, speakerphone operation
  • Built-in web browser:
    • Relevant web-enabled content can be pushed when a call is made or comes in (screen popping)
    • Browse the internet direct from the phone
    • Monitor a CCTV IP camera
    • Watch IP-TV
    • Display your business intranet
    • Display core business statistics
    • Plus display much more web-enabled content
  • 1000/100/10 PoE switch
  • Quality of Service (QoS)


Single Terminal Power Supply

If you need power for just one or two devices and connecting them directly to the Splicecom Maximiser is impractical, you can use a Single Terminal Power Supply to add PoE to a single device. Ideal for connections in remote locations.

Splicecom PCS 60 soft phone for partnering existing IP or analogue phones or using as a dedicated extension
Splicecom PCS 60 soft phone

Being compatible with Microsoft Windows & Mac OS X it can be installed on almost any user’s desktop or Laptop PC, where it can be used to ‘partner’ existing IP or analogue phones. The PCS 60 can also be used as a dedicated IP softphone with a headset/microphone or USB handset.