Britain's leading developer of telephone systems


Improve productivity

Unified communications helps to optimise communications within your company and with your clients.

Futureproof your investment

Splicecom solutions are available from entry level up to 10,000 seats and are modular and fully-expandable. With a Splicecom system you can minimise your initial investment without having to worry about your hardware becoming obsolete as your business grows.

Simplify phone system administration

You can expand your phone system by adding servers and can connect servers from all your sites into one integrated telephony solution. The system appears as a single entity no matter how many call servers are added meaning that administration is simple and easy.

Splicecom systems build on this integrated architecture to allow full multi-site hot desking. Any user in your organisation can log on to any phone on any desk in any of your offices, and immediately pick up their own extension number and settings.


  • Up to 10,000 extensions spread over 200 call servers in one system
  • Handle up to 500 extensions, any mix of IP or analogue, with a single server
  • Call logging with integrated call recording capabilities
  • One number, ‘go anywhere, reach me anyhow facility’
  • GSM mobile extensions
  • Rich array of voicemail features, including voicemail-to-email
  • Feature rich, multi-layered auto-attendant
  • Unified messaging

Computer Integration

Splicecom PCS 60

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, the PCS 60 can be installed on any user’s desktop or laptop PC, where it can be used to ‘partner’ existing IP or analogue phones.

Calls can be dialled from the phone or computer, the floating caller display shows who is calling, and all the functionality of Splicecom’s top of the range IP phone are made available with the simplest analog handset.

With the appropriate licence, the PCS 60 can also be used as an operator’s console or even dedicated IP softphone with a headset/microphone or USB handset.

TAPI Windows Integration

The TAPI driver enables users to dial direct from Outlook or other TAPI enabled programs.