IP telephony

IP telephony

The world of telephony has changed immeasurably over the last few years. VoIP systems mean that you are no longer restricted to the usual telephone cable networks, you now have a choice and by making the right one you can make some impressive savings. However, this very expansion of the available options can sometimes be very confusing. Because Safeserve has extensive knowledge of the sector and all its latest advancements, we can simplify the process for you and help you decide which set up is really the best one for for you.

VoIP delivers

An unbeatable proposition: streamline telecommunications while reducing cost of ownership, VoIP integrates business communications into a single infrastructure: the data network. From very small businesses to large enterprises, VoIP users report increased productivity, flexibility and lower bills.

Cost effective business telephony solution

Using VoIP for connecting your internal telephony to the outside world can save hugely on line rental, provide vast flexibility, reduce call costs and maintenance, and increase efficiency.

By routing your incoming and outgoing calls over your internet connection there is no need for expensive ISDN lines and call costs, particularly to abroad, are usually far cheaper.


Business VoIP instantly scales to changing business needs. Since the VoIP ‘line’ is virtual and not tied to a physical line, increasing channel capacity or moving office can be done easily and without any hassle.

The lack of anything physical also means that VoIP lines are geographically neutral. You can register numbers for any part of the UK or even for another country, and appear to be making and receiving calls from there.

Key Points

  • Simple
  • Lower cost of ownership
    • no physical lines need to be installed.
    • no expensive ISDN line rental charges.
    • calls travel over the your internet connection, so local and international calls are much cheaper.
  • Flexible

What is VoIP?

VoIP or ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ is using the internet or an internal network to make phone calls.


Recently we replaced our many BT landlines with a Splicecom phone system installed by Safeserve. Now calls can be put through to wherever the person they want is located – in the office, working from home or even to a mobile – without delay.

Derek Robinson, Director, Trilateral Group
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